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Patrington Parish flag 2019

Many thanks to Dan Gent.


St Patricks Church restoration works continue

The latest phase of maintenance improvements have been completed on the south boundary of the churchyard and are looking very good. The Council is organising and paying for this work because it has had a statutory responsibility to maintain St Patricks churchyard since it was closed to new interments.






Ted Hughes & Patrington


Councillor vacancies

Parish Council of Patrington councillor vacancy


More flag news

Council Chairman Phil Wilson presenting a flag to Guys Sparkes, owner of Patrington Haven Leisure Park.  Flags are now flying at PHLP and in the village.


Flying the flag

WHEN Patrington Parish Council decided it needed a flag to be flown at various locations in the parish, pupils at Patrington Academy were invited to submit designs for the new flag.

Dozens of entries were received and councillors selected elements from some of them for the final design.

However one entry, from six-year-old Annabelle Harris, really appealed to them for its idea of combining the names of Patrington, Patrington Haven and Winestead in the shape of a goal post.

Last Friday Council Chairman Phil Wilson visited the school to present one of the flags to be flown at the school, along with a certificate of thanks and some vouchers to a very surprised Annabelle at the school assembly.

A number of flags have been purchased and these will be flown at the village cenotaph and also at Patrington Haven Leisure Park. A site is being sought in Winestead.

Mr Wilson praised the pupils for the great submissions and said it was good to involve them in their future part in parish life.

Words and photo by Terry Bearpark

FLYING PROUDLY: Parish Chairman Phil Wilson and winner Annabelle Harris, with her cousin 11-year-old Libby Wykes helping to hold the new flag


Latest litter pick by Patrington Cubs & Beavers – Monday 3rd June 2019

Many thanks again to all concerned and to Terry Bearpark for the photo


Patrington CE Primary Academy is 50


Fabulous thank you received from Patrington Playgroup


Next litter pick

Patrington Cubs and Beavers, with the help of Councillors, have arranged their next litter pick, it is to take place on Monday 3rd June 2019, 6pm and cover Patrington Haven road.


Notice of Annual Parish meeting

Annual Parish Meeting Agenda 2019


How we are working with East Riding of Yorkshire Council with regards to dog fouling.

Our parish/town council has been invited to enter into a dog control partnership with East Riding of Yorkshire Council. We know that dog fouling is of concern to residents and so we have decided to join the partnership.

The aim of the partnership with East Riding of Yorkshire Council is to build close links between their dog wardens and ourselves, to provide a better service in responding to fouling and to deter it from happening in the first place.

The training will provide Patrington Parish Councillors with the knowledge and appreciation of how to provide the evidence needed to prove an offence under the dog control orders. As residents of Patrington Parish, Councillors will now be keeping an eye out for fouling problems and talking to dog walkers in our parish/town. We will be carrying out joint patrols with the council’s dog wardens over the next few months to learn first-hand how they deal with the problem.

The great majority of dog walkers do pick up after their dog and get really annoyed with the few who don’t as they don’t want to be “tarred with the same brush.” There is no excuse for not picking up.

If you have any information on those responsible for allowing dogs to foul without picking up you can contact us on (01964 630554) or (

Blindness in children from dog fouling caused by Toxocara canis

Whilst the problem should not be exaggerated, it is necessary for dog owners and the public to know what they need to do to minimise the risk.

Toxocara canis is a parasite that lives inside dogs’ bodies. It is a round, white worm (looks like spaghetti) and it infects, most frequently, pregnant nursing bitches and young puppies.

Once ingested they can travel around the body, usually causing little problem.  Very rarely though, they can settle in the soft tissue of the retina of the eye, where damage or even blindness can be caused, approximately 50 cases a year are recorded.

Preventative measures include:

  • Worm your dog properly both as a puppy and as an adult.
  • Clean up after your dog has fouled.
  • Prevent dogs from licking your hands and face.
  • Ensure hands are washed after playing on grassed areas where dogs are allowed and where dogs or puppies have been handled.

If you have any information on owners not cleaning up after their dogs please contact the dog warden.

Tel: (01482) 396301

Using litter bins for dog waste

Some residents have asked us if they can put dog faeces in litter bins.

We can confirm that all East Riding of Yorkshire Council litter bins may be used for disposing of bagged up dog waste collected whilst walking your dog.  If anyone leaves bags of dog waste on trees, bushes, the base of a lamp post etc. they are committing a littering offence that may also be punished by way of a £75 fixed penalty being issued.

If you would like to report an offender, please ring the dog warden.

Tel: (01482) 396301

or contact the streetscene team to report a littering offence or to report a full litter bin.

Tel: (01482) 393939

Reports can also be made through the council’s website at

Risk to livestock from dog faeces

Local Farmers have asked the Parish Council if anything can be done to reduce the amount of dog faeces deposited on their land.

This is because there is growing evidence of the links between two specific diseases in livestock and the presence on grazing land of faeces from dogs.

They are

  • ‘neosporosis’ which can cause abortions in cattle, and
  • ‘sarcocystosis’ which can cause neurological disease and death in sheep.

We are therefore asking members of the public to be extra vigilant when exercising their dogs on grazing pastures and always clean up after their dogs.

Both diseases can also be picked up by dogs from infected animal matter.  To minimise the risk of picking up the parasites, dogs, including farm dogs, should not be allowed to eat material from dead animals, or leftover birth materials such as placentas.

Often the parasites cause no symptoms in dogs, but sometimes the disease of neosporosis can seriously affect your dog’s health and possibly result its death.

For public and animal health reasons and for the benefit of other people enjoying the outdoors, dog walkers should always clean up after their dogs.  Anyone can also contact the East Riding of Yorkshire Council dog wardens to pass on information about irresponsible dog owners.

Tel: (01482) 396301

Click here for Dog Fouling poster


Latest update re Patrington Post Office closure – 26.04.2019

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Result of uncontested election

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Details of your Parish council nominees

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Details of the South East Holderness Ward nominees

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News about your local GP Practices – Click here


Notice of election

Notice of Election – Local Wards

Notice of Election – All Parishes


Cubs, Beavers, leaders and Councillors at the litter pick yesterday.  Well done everyone, great effort.


Letter received from The Post Office

Post Office response


Patrington Academy need school governors!


Kids Poster – Dog Fouling (4)OUTSTRAYS TO SKEFFLING MANAGED REALIGNMENT Newsletter, January 2019


Do you want a market?

AFTER receiving suggestions that a market could be an advantage to the village Patrington Parish Council is inviting residents to have their say by completing a short survey on its viability.

The survey form is available here or by contacting the parish clerk on 01964 630554 who will provide a paper version of the survey.

Completed surveys should be returned to the Clerk no later than February 9 to Patrington Parish Council, 17 Westgate, Patrington, HU12 0NA or email to

The information received will help the council to consider if a village market is feasible.


Concerns raised over closure of Post Office and ATM.

Pat PO letter 25 Jan 2019


Want to pay less for your gas and electricity? or call 01482 393939


Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas to all the children at Patrington Primary Academy from Patrington Parish Council.  222 crackers delivered for the children’s Christmas lunch.  🎄🥳


Photos: Terry Bearpark


Freedom of the Parish

A former Patrington parish Councillor has been recognised for his long service by receiving the coveted Freedom of the Parish.

The unique accolade was presented to Peter Stevenson by Patrington Parish Council to mark his 33 years of loyal service to the council.

Photo: Terry Bearpark

For full details please see 11th October 2018 Holderness Gazette.


25th September 2018

Around forty parishioners attended the NHS presentation this evening to hear about the ‘Urgent Treatment services’ and the ‘8 to 8 centres’.

See the presentation here

If you would like further information please go to:

More information will appear here on the Patrington Parish council website in the near future.


14th September 2017

August minutes added


Patrington Parish Council flower display , well done to everyone at St Patrick’s Church for a wonderful weekend and to all those who took part and produced wonderful displays for the Flower Festival.


Patrington Parish Council are holding a Parish meeting on Tuesday 25th September to allow the NHS East Riding Clinical Commissioning Group to give a presentation about the 8 to 8 Centre in Withernsea.

More information here

Newspaper advert here



Three new defibrillators are now fitted and fully functional around the parish.  Thanks to PJD for installing and to all who donated/fund raised.  Access is via 999 call.  Yorkshire Ambulance Service will give access code over the phone.

Locations are:

Side of toilets

Burns Head pub

Patrington School front porch


A festival of flowers @ St. Patrick’s Church 


27th August 2018

Freedom of the Parish policy added

July minutes added


EYMS bus timetable changes from 2nd September 2018


New picnic benches fitted to the children’s play area – see playing fields page


Parish Council of Patrington


1. There are four vacancies on the above council.
2. The East Riding of Yorkshire Council has allowed the Parish Council to fill the vacancy by co-option.
3. If you wish to apply for this vacancy please send a letter explaining why you would like to become a Councillor to the Clerk at the address below by Friday 27th July 2018.
Address: Patrington Parish Council, 17 Westgate, Patrington, HU12 ONA

Tel: 01964 630554


Dated 12th July 2018

Signed:D Chapman

Diane Chapman

Printable document here


Road closure 16th July 2018

Winestead Lane, Winestead

Details here

Map here